Malta Learnt with All Senses

"Malta Learnt with All Senses"

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, we organized a workshop "Malta explored with all senses" at the Day Care Center on Walecznych Street in Warsaw. Seniors looked with interest at photos from Malta, listening to stories and interesting facts .We virtually visited Valetta, Birgu, Mdina, Blue Grotto and other beautiful places. We learned the mystery of the characteristic Maltese balconies, the history of the Order of Malta and what life was like for the locals during World War II. The seniors were fascinated by Malta's climate, thanks to which the island enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. While discussing the photos, the meeting participants learned basic phrases in English, and viewed traditional Maltese ceramics.

You can't get to know Malta by forgetting about its cuisine. During the cooking workshop, together we prepared two signature dishes: bruschetta and pastizzi. The seniors were eager to cut, mix, season... and at the end they tasted.

The meeting was very much enjoyed, the seniors thanked and asked about future events.