About us

Wawerskie Centrum Kultury (Wawer's Cultural Center) is a local government cultural institution established in 2014. Our main activities are the creation and dissemination of culture as well as the development of social and cultural activities of the residents of the Wawer district in Warsaw.

We have plenty of cultural and artistic activities for children and youth. In activities for adults, we focus on cultural education, developing interests, cultivating artistic passions and social activities. For adults and seniors, we offer art classes (painting, drawing, handicraft, dance, theater, photography) and section-related activities related to their interests. We conduct lectures (scientific, travel, health or ecology), workshops (handicrafts, dance, art, music), we present performances, films and concerts for adult audiences. We run our own theater and cabaret groups and choirs. We organize a neighborhood meeting. We work closely with the University of the Third Age.